I need two different days counting formulas


I need a formula to calculate the days, months, and years it has been since a date i enter. I will enter a date into column D and i need how long it has been since then to show up in column E.

The second one I need is the opposite. I will enter a date into column H and I need to know how long left I have to show up into column I.

Thank you for the help



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don (rep: 1665) Jul 25, '16 at 2:09 pm
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For the first forumula you can use this:


where D1 is the cell with the date in it.

Then make sure to right-click the cell with the formula and click Format Cells and then go to the Number tab and the Date category and choose 3/14/01 from the type list. This should give you a date format that is pretty intuitive.

If you format this as General, you will get the days since the date and, depending on your setup, that might be more intuitive.

For the second part, use a formula like this:


where H1 is the cell with the date in it.

You can add the formatting like you did for the last example but it is probably a bit more intuitive in this case to set the formatting as General.


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