Subtracting quantity from a common Inward with tracebility



I am just trying to make a stock register with tracebility.Want to track the materials on first in first out basis.I have one IN sheet and 2 OUT sheets where common materials from IN sheet



Sorry for last question i forget to reanswer and like what Don told you it's not accurate if you exceed one item.

But if that answer worked with you and you only want to put that in second sheet it's easy (the two sheets will give the same items), if you want to make both sheets work without giving the same items you have to put other column that give the number of this entry and edit the formulas
(I think that it will work)

I'll help you with that if you want, but I didn't understand why you need to put two sheets that work the same.
MRVMV (rep: 52) Jul 21, '16 at 10:29 am
ok please proceed with that.This may help me to make much effective sheet
ansh86 Jul 21, '16 at 10:42 am
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I always hated homework like this because it is so basic as to be almost worthless.

As far as I can tell, you just need to link the cells and do some simple subtraction.

For instance, I believe that cell H3 should be: 

and then copy that down using the quick-fill handle in the bottom right of the cell. For the balance, input 
into cell D3 and copy it down.

You should really look at these tutorials on Data Entry in Excel

That is what I would do but it seems too simple. If it doesn't work, then just ask your teacher for more guidance!



You have totally misunderstood the question.The requirement is placing batch No. ie xs145 in H3 & M3 based on the quantity until zero.In D3 the requirement is showing balance quantity of specific batch no. for example if 100 is consumed from xs145 and 40 is consumed from xs146 then D3 should show 0 & D4 should show 10.
If this was too simple I woudnt hv posted in this forum.
ansh86 Jul 20, '16 at 11:32 pm
I do not believe that there is a good and accurate way to do this in your configuration. If there is a quantity that exceeds the amount in a single batch, then more than one batch should be displayed in the Batch No. column for a Lot, and that is not currently possible. Also, the Balance column is generated in a way that is not easily maintainable or possible depending on the quantity for the lots.
don (rep: 1521) Jul 21, '16 at 12:00 am
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