How to summerize data in Excel 2007



I have created my all invoices in excel 2007 each on saperate sheet. Now I want to summerize invoce data in one sheet consisting Invoce No., Invoice Date and Party name from all invoices.

Can anyone help me in this regard?



It's possible, but you should do one of two thingsĀ 
Putting a sample file that has the summarize sheet and at least one sheet that has an invoice

Or giving us a good description of them that indicates the cells of every value that you want

And 1st one will be better
MRVMV (rep: 52) Jul 19, '16 at 7:58 am
Agree with MRVMV, this is an easy task, you just need to give more info.
don (rep: 1959) Jul 19, '16 at 9:51 am
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