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new day starting before midnight hour



Thank You for looking at my issue 

I have a csv file which I am wanting to import into a spreadsheet in excel

The issue im having is :

Monday (Day 1) is  Sunday 18:00 hour  to 17:00 hour Monday

Tuesday (Day 2) is Monday 18:00 hour to 17:00 hour Tuesday

Wednesday (Day 3 ) is Tuesday 18:00 hour to 17:00 Wednesday

Etc..... to Friday

The data when brought into excel is having overlapping days and this distorts the sorting when im filtering by days 

How could I overcome this 

Thank You very Much




You haven't uploaded a sample file to clearly illustrate the problem. And with your question back in Nov/2023, you never indicated (selected) whether John's answer or mine resolved your issue. As such I have little interest in working on a solution for a poster who doesn't give recognition for our efforts. We provide help voluntarily without pay and our only recognition is by posters selecting our answers. Sorry.
WillieD24 (rep: 567) Feb 4, '24 at 4:49 pm
Hi again Makingadifference.

I'm with Willie on this- last time we answered you we got no response (your question on 17 November 2023). You asked another question some time before that but again didn't Select an Answer. 

Why should Willie or I spend more of our personal spare time helping someone who can't be bothered to follow the Forum rules?

Unlike Willie I won't apologise for not helping an unresponsive user.

BTW you did make a difference - you annoyed two normally helpful people
John_Ru (rep: 6297) Feb 4, '24 at 5:18 pm
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