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Lease payment calculation using Sumifs


Hi team,

Could someone please assist me to review the attached file  to come up with a the correct formalar to calculate over payment after the lease expired by months  so i will know the total over payments.




Selected Answer

Hello siehartley2001,

Your date in "J4" is 2023-07-19 and should be 2023-07-18. Making this correction also breaks your formulas in L5:L8. Then change your formulas in L5 – L8 to: 

=SUMIFS(F5:K5,$F$4:$K$4,">"&$D5),   =SUMIFS(F6:K6,$F$4:$K$4,">"&$D6),   =SUMIFS(F7:K7,$F$4:$K$4,">"&$D7), and   =SUMIFS(F8:K8,$F$4:$K$4,">"&$D8)

In the attached file I have made these changes.

If this solves your problem then please mark my answer as selected.

Cheers   :-)


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