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Raw material stock sheet maintainance


I am working in a factory and I have to manage stock of raw materials, there inward and outward as per product. I need an Excel sheet which can make my work easier




Hi Ansh and welcome to the Forum

You haven't said how many materials you will control but I suggest you start by using one of the templates built into Excel...

In Excel 365, I would go ribbon File / New then scroll down to find "Inventory list" and double-click to create. I've attached that file for you to see- it's based on tables and should work in Excel 2019. I think it will be similar in other versions of Excel; even 2010 has something similar.

If that template doesn't suit, go back and look under LIsts category or use the "Search for online templates" box. Otherwise you should find many examples via an internet search.

Hope this helps. If so, please remember to mark this Answer as Selected.


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