How do I reattach menu bar in Excel 2003?


My Worksheet Menu Bar now floats free, which sometimes makes it hard to find.  How do I reattach it? (Excel 2003)



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don (rep: 1825) Jul 14, '16 at 10:43 am
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If I recall correctly, there should be a few "dots" on the side of the floating menu bar and you just click and hold that while you drag it back up to the top of the window where all the other menu bars are and it should "snap" to it.



I didn't see the dots, but I dragged it down anyway and it snapped right in.  Thanks!

Now if only I knew how it became detached in the first place...
oldmaven Jul 14, '16 at 12:47 am
Sometimes it would happen to me if I accidentally clicked the mouse while moving it quickly and it passed over the menus; then you end up wondering where your menus went. :P
don (rep: 1825) Jul 14, '16 at 10:44 am
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