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Using a Macro to simplify my data sorting


I have an excel workbook that I use to sort and total all of the books that my students read. I also have to average their scores from their reading aloud. In addition to those two tasks I have to average their lexile scores from the first sheet. I would gladly share the workbook so that someone could help me create a macro to make these tasks go much quicker. The first file is the report that I complete after working with the raw data. The second file is the raw data as I receive it every week



Hi PDBritt and welcome to the Forum

Your question/request isn't very clear, especially since the raw data file has sheet names and headings in Chinese (so for me difficult to match with columns in the Report file). Please edit your original question to clarify what you do with the raw data to produce the report, including (but not limited to):

  1. Are you aiming to update or create Sheet2 in the Report file?
    a. If so, are you sorting data by Grade first then alphabetically by English first names?
    b. Are you hoping to automate production of the "met target by Grade" statement in cell J29 (and similar for J39 and J48)- and where are the targets for that?

  2. Which sheet contains the weekly data used from the raw file e.g. 21年兑换码学员跟读)?
It feels like can be done in VBA but will involve a lot of work for someone (so I can't promise to do it for you). Kindly note that the Forum doesn't normally operate on a "I want this- please produce the code" basis but I'm assuming you are a newcomer to VBA so it might just (especially since you're a teacher!)
John_Ru (rep: 5147) May 16, '23 at 6:56 am
Hello PdBritt,

I agree with John that the Chinese Tab names and column headers make it difficult to figure out what exactly is going on. I am also not clear as to which file is which. Sample files with English titles will go a long way to help us help you.

Cheers   :-) 
WillieD24 (rep: 250) May 16, '23 at 9:08 pm

John and I are willing to try and help you but neither of us speak Chinese. I started using Google translate but there are far too many to devote the required time to.
If you can upload files in English then John and I might be able to help.

Cheers   :-)
WillieD24 (rep: 250) May 18, '23 at 2:03 pm
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