How do I set up the same print area and margins on multiple sheets?


I  am setting up an annual spreadsheet with 12 monthly slaves.  How do I set the same print areas and margins on all 12 at the same time?




Page settings for a worksheet can be copied to other worksheets with the following steps:

1. Activate the worksheet with the page settings you want to copy.

2. Hold down the Shift or Ctrl key to select multiple worksheets you want to copy the page settings to - you can also right-click on one of the sheet tabs and select the Select All Sheets from the menu if you want to copy the page settings to all worksheets.

3. When the worksheets you want to apply the specified page settings to have been selected, then click Page Layout, and click the dialog box launcher in the bottom RH corner.

4. Click OK on the Page Setup dialog box that pops out and you will copy all the basic page settings from the active worksheet to all the others in the current workbook.

5. You can click File > Print to preview the result.


I forgot to say: Be sure to ungroup your sheets when you're done, otherwise, while grouped, Excel will execute any action you take on all the sheets in the group.



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JonP (rep: 33) Jul 20, '16 at 1:21 am
If you have special formatting (font, font size, style, colour, conditional formating rules, etc) it is easy to copy all this to all sheets. On the January sheet, do all the formating changes you want. Then group all sheets (Jan thru Dec) and on the Jan sheet select the cells with the formatting you wish to copy. Then on the Home tab of the ribbon select "Fill" then "Across Sheets" and select "Formats". Now all 12 months will have the same formatting changes as the Jan sheet.
WillieD24 (rep: 15) Aug 4, '18 at 3:47 pm
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