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Halloween Prank Colored Tabs Light Show



Can you direct me to the link where the code is to the prank for the Halloween Colored Tabs Light show?  Thanks.



Selected Answer

Hi Sue and welcome to the Forum. 

Think you're referring to Don's old YouTube video here: Excel Pranks 3 - Halloween Colored Tabs Light Show

I can't see the associated file on the current TeachExcel site so you may need to follow the video and create it manually. 



Thank you.  Is a different person doing the TeachExcel videos nowadays?
SusanUser (rep: 2) Mar 21, '23 at 4:57 pm
No, it's still Don doing the turorial videos (and doing them well in my opinion!). I think he cleared out some old files. 
John_Ru (rep: 5147) Mar 21, '23 at 5:07 pm
I agree he does them extremely well. I'm taking a paid tutorial now.  
SusanUser (rep: 2) Mar 21, '23 at 6:23 pm
Thanks for selecting my answer, Sue. Hope you get the prank working to suit your purposes. If not , feel free to come back to ask a new question (attaching your Excel file/ working to date) and we will help you hopefully 
John_Ru (rep: 5147) Mar 21, '23 at 6:31 pm
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