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Select worksheet using combo box and display the data in the


i'm new here my boss gave me project in which we can choose data in combobox from multiple worksheet's and then same data will auto filter all colums and show all colums in listbox.

if anyone can help me with vba it will be greatfull



Hi Aditya and welcome to the Forum. 

There are two problems with your question: 1) you haven't described the problem adequately or attached a representative Excel file to show the data 2) you haven't included any VBA code (which suggests you haven't attempted to solve the problem yourself - please correct me if I'm wrong).

Do you have some experience of VBA? We're happy to help if you get stuck with VBA but reluctant to solve your problem for you. If you have no experience, this could be bad for you should your boss ask you how the code works or how you'd modify it slightly.

Please comment here or (if I'm wrong) edit your original question to explin better and to attach a representative Excel file using the Add Files button (under the text) to show the data and your current macro.
John_Ru (rep: 4937) Mar 4, '23 at 5:23 pm
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