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type mismatch despite using the same procedures


 Hi  experts,

I'm so  confused , I can't   extermely  find  what  the  reason causes mismatch  error  despite of  using  the  same  procedures . the  error  shows  when select optionbutton4 

in this line 

 MySum = MySum + .List(r, 4)

it  should  show  data  in listbox  like  optionbutton3  but  I'm still confused  for  that.

by  the  way  I  used on error  resume  next  and  works  , but  I'm fraid  return error  again . I  think  the  right  way is  finding  exactly  where  is  the  error.

any  help  to  fix  that  experts ?



Selected Answer

Hi Alaa

Your problem arises since worksheet RECEIVABLE has blank cells in column E and F (whereas CUSTOMERS has 0.00 where there is no value) and your lines like:

a(i, 5) = Format$(a(i, 5), "#,##0.00")

convert values to strings. This doesn't seem to matter if you add a string like 1,000.00 to the (Double) variant MySum in the line:

With ListBox1
            For r = 0 To .ListCount - 1
                MySum = MySum + .List(r, 4)

but if the latter is "" then the error occurs. Converting it to Double (to match MySum) doesn't help so I suggest you use this instead:

        With ListBox1
            For r = 0 To .ListCount - 1
                If .List(r, 4) <> vbNullString Then MySum = MySum + .List(r, 4)
                If .List(r, 5) <> vbNullString Then MySum1 = MySum1 + .List(r, 5)
            Next r
        End With

The attached file uses this for both OptionButton_3 and 4.

Hope this helps.



Hi John,
umm, simple error  but  I can't find out  . this  means I  have  to  make the  columns  contains 0.00 also  textbox  to  avoid  this  problem but  your  solution treated  this  problem .
thanks  very much 
Alaa (rep: 18) Nov 9, '22 at 3:56 am
Glad that worked for you, Alaa. Note that you can leave blanks in your cells with this solution. 

Thanks for selecting my answer.
John_Ru (rep: 4312) Nov 9, '22 at 4:42 am
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