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VBA Function Returns Input Parameters instead of Output Valu


I used one of the tutorials on this site to set up a module with the following UDF...

Function Get_Word(input_data, delimiter, word)
    word = word - 1
       another_name = Split(input_data, delimiter)

        Get_Word = another_name(word)

End Function

In my worksheet, the following was returned in the cell after calling the Function.

=Get_Word(C5," ",2)

Why is it not returning the value?




Hi QuickDraw and welcome to the Forum

I can guess two causes- 1) cell C5 does not contain two or more words separated by a single space or 2) you have macros disabled- the default for Excel recently.

(Please note that I'm on my phone at present so can't run macros but might revise the answer if they don't work). 



Thanks for replying. Turns out the problem was caused by the cell format being set to Text. Once I set it to General, it worked fine.
QuickDraw Nov 7, '22 at 1:15 pm
Great, glad you got it sorted. 
John_Ru (rep: 4312) Nov 7, '22 at 1:48 pm
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