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Set slicer body transparent


I've seen some great tips on slicers.  Can the slicer body and/or buttoms be made transparent with VBA or some other means?




Thanks John.  Yup, I've read elsewhere that transparency isn't possible.  But TeachExcel often has some great tips I don't find elsewhere.  I appreciate you getting back to me.
Roberto73 (rep: 2) Oct 26, '22 at 5:58 pm
You're welcome Roberto but I could be wrong. Perhaps Don has a sneaky trick to do it!

Why are you interested in transparent elements- does your worksheet have a picture background perhaps? 
John_Ru (rep: 4312) Oct 26, '22 at 6:22 pm
Yes, very intuitive John.  I've created a budget v actual app for which I have diff backgrounds I pull via some code attaced to shapes.  The backgrounds have different pics with varying color schemes.  The same slicer color theme doesn't look good on some of them.  I guess I can go with basic black.
Roberto73 (rep: 2) Oct 26, '22 at 6:38 pm
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Hi Roberto and welcome to the Forum.

You can set various properties of a Slicer in VBA, e.g. change the Style (changing the bits in bold) using:

ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches(1).Slicers(1).Style = "SlicerStyleDark3"

but as far as know you cannot  set the background to transparent (even if you define a new style). 


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