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Add worksheet change event to add a pre specified number looking up the corresponding row value


I have attached a sample excel file where when a user enters a text say from B3 to B5  Expert, Intermediate or beginner, it should lookup colum M and enter a number in the 'No' column using worksheet change function.

Can you please help me do it?



Selected Answer

Hi Dr. Liss,

Updated July 28, 4PM - Worksheet_Change event method (.....modified_V2)

Looking at your file I chose to use an IF formula. This is a simpler approach than a Worksheet_Change event. Using the IF formula requires the "No" columns (C, G, E, etc.) to be protected so the formula doesn't become corrupted or deleted.

In Col J I added your criteria 2 conditional formatting. I also resized some columns for appearance.

If you prefer the Worksheet_Change event method let us know and I'm confident one of us will provide that solution for you.


OK, so I had some free time so I modified the file again so that it uses the Worksheet_Change event to enter the value. File is attached. (.....modified_V2)




Thank you so much
Dr Liss (rep: 26) Jul 29, '22 at 11:09 am
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