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highlight different values for two columns between two sheets



I  have  two  sheets RP ,PROCESS  should  match  from  column B:D   and  match  the  same  values  for  columns  E,F  .if  the  same values  are  existed  in isheet PROCESS   ,then should  ignore higlighting   when match  sheet RP  with  sheet PROCESS . if  there items  contain  different  values  then  should  highlight  the  different  values  for  sheets  RP ,PROCESS into  column E,F then  will  copy the  items  contain  different  values to sheet MASTER . by  the  way  the  code  works  for  sheet  MASTER but  the  problem is  not  higlighted  the  different  values  for  sheets RP ,PROCESS . I  think  the  problem  from  theses.

With p
    .Range("E2").Resize(k, 7).Interior.Color = vbYellow
    .Range("E2").Resize(k, 7).SpecialCells(xlBlanks).Interior.ColorIndex = 0
    End With
    With r
    .Range("E2").Resize(k, 7).Interior.Color = vbYellow
    .Range("E2").Resize(k, 7).SpecialCells(xlBlanks).Interior.ColorIndex = 0
    End With

so  I  put  the  right  result  for  sheets RP ,PROCESS how  should  highlight  the  different  values .




Leap While your counter k will work for your Master sheet, it relates to the keys in your dictionary (and the total number of unique values in sheets r and p). It does NOT relate to the rows in r or p so you can't expect it to shade the cells in those sheets.

Sorry but I don't have time to suggest a solution for you
John_Ru (rep: 5147) Jul 21, '22 at 10:06 am
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