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Education Excel model


Hello Team,

I'm looking for an excel model that is built for an education organisation that provide courses to students, so basically the organisation will incur costs to provide the service and receive income from the student in the form of fees. the costs involved will be fixed(i.e salaries paid to lectures,Admin office,software licences for IT access to students) and variable cost( i.e contractors to provide part time lectures, any costs that is not fixed.) , also some costs would be unallocated to a specific costs and would need to be reallocated base across all courses based on the number of student that go through the stage at each month end .the model should provide the total costs and income provide to the student population and also the costs per student so that when we quote future prices for next academic year we know the costs already incurred and we will decide the price. also we need breakdown of the courses provided by modules and we can work out the costs per module of a particular course per per student. could someone please network from teach excel network and confirm whether someone already has this type of model or is willing to build it for me, please let me know. Thanks



Hi Sie

Firstly I assume that the phrase "unallocated to a specific costs" above should have ended "... a specific course", right? 

Secondly I don't know of such models for education but would be surprised if they don't exist since that type of costing was used in engineering (in my past). 

A bespoke model could be developed but would take some effort. I doubt many people would be "willing" to create it for free so are you thinking to create your own or pay someone to do so? 

John_Ru (rep: 3677) Jul 20, '22 at 8:38 am
Hi John,
Thanks for coming to me.
That 's correct am looking to pay someone who has experience from education section espicially who deals with pricing of courses. Could you please fetch around for me. Thanks
siehartley2001 (rep: 10) Jul 21, '22 at 9:12 am
Hi Sie

My experience in that sector was just as a school governor (and chair of finance) for two schools but we didn't need to price courses. I suspect I could do it but there must be more better people so I've asked a friend (the head of an education trust) and will let you know if that produces any contacts.
John_Ru (rep: 3677) Jul 21, '22 at 9:34 am
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Hello Sie,

Updated 07/23/22 - corrected GP calcultion, attached amended file

I'm not sure if I correctly understood what you are looking to achieve but I thought I would take a stab at it. I made the attached file using Excel 2007. I always try to keep things as simple as possible, but feel free to use this sample as a starting point. 

In the attached file there is an "Index" sheet which lists all of the sheets in the workbook, and a sheet for each course offered. On the course sheets there are areas for each moduel in the course.




Good start Willie but I don't see where you accommodate the distribution of fixed costs which are NOT specific to a given course/module.

From my point of view, the pricing of future course needs an understanding of all costs, so those which are (a) fixed/unavoidable but non-specific and spread over various courses, typically HR, admin (b) fixed per module (e.g. tuition costs) and (c) variable per student taking that module (or the range of pupils expected to pick a course at a given price) e.g. course materials/software licences. Then the education establishment will have some target profit to set the course price.

Hopefully Sie can factor those in to your format.
John_Ru (rep: 3677) Jul 25, '22 at 4:54 am
Hi John,
Thanks for the props. When I put this together my goal was to create a layout which Sie might find useful and be able to modify/adapt to the specific needs.
Nonetheless, Im glad to get your "thumbs up" on my effort.
WillieD24 (rep: 150) Jul 25, '22 at 9:09 am
You certainly get my "thumbs up" but not quite enough of a full answer to warrant a Vote, sorry ;-)
John_Ru (rep: 3677) Jul 25, '22 at 9:20 am
Thanks again for your support:)
siehartley2001 (rep: 10) Jul 28, '22 at 9:27 am
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