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dynamic column range IN A TABLE

I have a fruit list, every week I want to choose from the list a different number of fruits, and the fruits I have chosen I have to put into my table titles in the middle of the table,evry time I select from this dropdown list , I want ta add a new column with the selected fruit name, and later i want to put in the right row the amuont of this specific fruit .But next week the list will be shorter or longer (and so is my table) and other fruits will choose. How do you do that in vba code?


Hi iz4il and welcome to the Forum.

Sorry but it looks like you have made no attempt to create VBA code to solve your own problem. It's not reasonable for you to specify your requirements and expect someone to create the code for you. That happens occasionally but generally we expect users to make some attemptĀ and ask questions when they get stuck. Suggest you try and come back/ edit your question to attach a revised file.
John_Ru (rep: 3677) Jul 18, '22 at 9:06 am
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