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incrementing numbers of added files names


Hi experts

I need  rename  by increment numbers like result1,result2,result3  when add new  file  every  time  while runnig macro      . the current  macro  makes file RESULT  and  when  run  the  macro repeatedly will replace of  the  old  file  has already created . so  when  run  the  code  should  increment numbers .

 any  chance  to  do that,please?



Selected Answer


Rather than name the saved files as result1, result2, result3 etc., I suggest you make the numeric part something more meaningful. In the attached revised file, I've changed the SaveAs line to add a date/ time suffix to the filename: 

        Application.DisplayAlerts = False
        .SaveAs .Path & "\Result " & Format(Now, "yyyymmdd hh-mm"), 51

That means the file name will be something like Result 20220627 12-58.xlsx so you will always know that the file was saved at 12:58 on 27 June 2022 (even if it is re-saved later).

If however you insist on result1, result2, result3 etc., I suggest you save the "last saved number" in a cell on a hidden worksheet, say B1 in a sheet called Index. Then when you run your macro, increment that (and save the .xlsm file to store that) and add that number to the SaveAs line this:

.SaveAs .Path & "\Result " & Worksheets("Index"). Range("B1").Value, 51

 You will first need to skip that hidden worksheet in your loop, so change your With line to read:

For Each ws In .Worksheets
     If ws.Name<>"Index" Then 
          With ws.Cells(1).CurrentRegion
          . << existing code>>
          End With

     End if
Next ws

Hope this helps.



thanks for give me two choices . of course the first choice is suitable for me .
much appreciated for your help.
Kalil (rep: 28) Jun 27, '22 at 10:11 am
Great! Thanks for selecting my Answer, Kalil.
John_Ru (rep: 3992) Jun 27, '22 at 11:09 am
Just corrected my Answer to replace two instances of the word "page" with "hidden worksheet" (for the second option).
John_Ru (rep: 3992) Jun 27, '22 at 11:11 am
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