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Creating new table wiith a new name


Hello my workbook contains a bunch of tables , let's say 11 tables. I want my code to create automatically a new table with the name : table_number of the last table + 1

I have this issue with creating a new table and a new sheet.




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John_Ru (rep: 3992) Jun 19, '22 at 7:34 am
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Hi Aybrs and welcome to the Forum.

As far as I know, it's not possible to change Microsoft's default name for tables (e.g. Table1) for which the numeric part is incremented automatically. You can manually change a table name (subject to the naming convetion), as I guess you know.

While there's a Workbook NewChart event in VBA, there's isn't an equivalent for tables. You could create VBA code (say based on the Worksheet_Change event) but I don't think it would be worth the effort unless you plan to add lots of tables.



He seems to be spamming and doesn't realize that he can't include links yet. I banned him and will remove the spam text from both of his posts.
don (rep: 1979) Jun 19, '22 at 10:43 am
Oh okay Don. I took him seriously :(
John_Ru (rep: 3992) Jun 19, '22 at 11:20 am
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