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Stock Lookup from Ticker Symbol Not on Data Tab



If I remember properly, there is supposed to be a button on the data that allows you to list ticker symbols (ex:  IBM, GE, F, etc.), highlight that list, hit the "Stocks" button, and Excel returns prices.   I have no such button (see attached photo)

Anyone have any thoughts ???   As an aside, I have the NON-subscription (one-time fee) version of Excel - my company however uses Outlook 365 - does this influence anything ??

Thanks so much



Hi Slow386

Not sure what you're asking about- you can only upload Excel files to the Forum (so we can't see "attached photo" because it isn't!). Are you referring to one of Don's tutorial files or videos?

Your profile says Excel 2016 (thanks) and that might preclude some answers which could use some of the functionality added in Excel 2019 and 365. The fact it's non-subscription means you save money (probably) but can't access newer features.
John_Ru (rep: 6297) Jun 16, '22 at 9:39 am
Also, does the issue involve Internet Explorer but used on your company's Office365 systems?
John_Ru (rep: 6297) Jun 16, '22 at 10:02 am
Hi John:

Thanks for the reply . . . i appreciate it
Thought i attached a screen-shot - sorry
i have to go back and read again . . .  i thought that Excel had a built-in function that wd "look" at a list of ticker symbols and return a price
I'll keep looking
Thanks very much !!
Slow386 (rep: 2) Jun 16, '22 at 11:53 am
I believe there are add-ins to get stock prices (and 365 only has a Stocks data type) but I've little experience of them, sorry. Perhaps Don will reply.
John_Ru (rep: 6297) Jun 16, '22 at 12:10 pm
Thanks John !!!!
I will find the link on the Microsoft site and post that
I know I'm not nuts (not anyway yet)

Slow386 (rep: 2) Jun 16, '22 at 2:39 pm
John / Don:

Follow this link . . . look t the top left screen-shot
Slow386 (rep: 2) Jun 16, '22 at 2:51 pm
Follow this as well . . . better link
Excel Stock Quotes

Slow386 (rep: 2) Jun 16, '22 at 2:53 pm
Hi Steve, I have always wondered if anyone had access to this and I've never found anyone. I think they just never updated the page that you linked to, which I've previously come across and been confused by. I have Excel 365 and have never found this feature, though, to be fair, I didn't look very far, it's just not built-in to my Excel 365. Also, I updated your comment to a functioning link (I don't think you have the points to insert one yet.)
don (rep: 1989) Jun 16, '22 at 5:27 pm
Don, Steve. That link works and on Excel 365, the Stocks button is under the Data Types section of the Data ribbon. With some nanes like IBM in cells (and the type selected), right-clicking the cell gives a choice of parameters to display while Ctrl+Shift+F5 gives a "card" with summary data..Quite neat but of no use to me!
John_Ru (rep: 6297) Jun 17, '22 at 3:41 am
Hi John:
Thanks so much . . .
I have clicked through everything on the DATA Ribbon I can see . . . there is nothing that says "Daa Types".   There is a button under "All Commands" that says Data Types, but it is "grayed out" when added on the tool bar.  I took a screen-shot of my Data Ribbon, but cant seem to add it.   I checked my wife's machine (Excel 2019) - also no Stocks button . . . just let it go guys - thanks very much for the efforts !!!  Have a good weekend
Slow386 (rep: 2) Jun 17, '22 at 7:46 am
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Further to our discussion above, try these Microsoft links:  Stock and Geography Data Types Missing from Data Tab and Excel new Data Types not showing. Looks like Excel has to be logged into the email account associated with your licence (in my case an outlook.com email,address) to use the Data Types Including Stock)..


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