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Unblock Macros


I purchased the VBA course, but I can't use the files provided as Office 365 is automatically block macros.  How do I unblock in Office 365 in 2022?



Hi Maureen, I just sent a reply to your email with a link to the page that shows you multiple ways to enable the macros - depending how the macros were disabled, that changes how you enable them. Here is also the link to enable macros in Excel.
don (rep: 1979) Apr 28, '22 at 9:25 am
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Hi Maureen and welcome to the Forum

Unless your corporate IT security has set a policy to prevent it, you should be able to click File (in Excel's ribbon) / Options (at bottom) / Trust Center / Trust Center Settings / Macro Settings / choose "Enable VBA macros..." option (noting the warning).

Even then you may need to make the source of some .xlsm files a "Trusted Location" so they open macros-enabled.

Note that if you have questions on the VBA course contents, please don't post them (or code/ files) here or elsewhere. Instead use the Contact link (in the green bar above) and use the Premium Courses option. Don will then answer you directly but allow him some time- he's a busy man!

Hope this helps.



Thanks John!
don (rep: 1979) Apr 28, '22 at 9:26 am
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