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How to change the date display


I have a excel file , the graph as attached .

as you can see the date ( year ) is 1900 , the data source is 2022 , I am strange that why the date is 1900 but not 2022 , I checked the locale is my local region .

May I know what is the reason it shows 1900 ?





Hi and welcome to the Forum.

In Excel dates are stored as serial numbers, beginning 01 January 1990. See Don's tutorial here: Dates in Excel Explained

Hope this helps. (Incidentally we cannot see your graph, this Forum allows you to attach only Excel files so we cannot see the image you tried to include in your question.) 



I could not upload file .

OK , may I know how to change the data source of the axis , so that it points to the date source ?

hehehe Apr 18, '22 at 7:54 pm
To upload a file, please edit your original question and use the Add Files.. button below the textbox. 
John_Ru (rep: 3222) Apr 19, '22 at 4:38 am
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