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Environ won't even compile


I can use the environ function from the immidiate window, but it won't even compile in Excel VBA. Is there a prereq or something I have missed?




Well, found it, for some reason one need to do it like this: VBA.Environ("UserName").

Not just Environ("UserName") which I think will work in many cases.



Hi  Bjotr and welcome to the Forum.

Interesting. Both Environ("UserName") and VBA.Environ("Username") work for me (in both a macro and VB Explorer's Immediate Window) but typing  VBA.E offers Environ and the other various methods etc. / autocomplete options. 
John_Ru (rep: 3222) Apr 4, '22 at 7:57 am
Well, yes it should work. Copyed some code from MS Excel which using the Environ("username"). Dosen't compile. I think there is some option that I did not select or set.
Bjotr (rep: 2) Apr 4, '22 at 2:05 pm
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