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Subtitle for Training Video


I purchased the training video programs... I am just wondering if it comes with English subtitles as i am abit hard of hearing.

Thanks... No worries if it does not.




Hi Sivakr 

If you are referring to Don's new VBA course, you need to ask your question again but using the Contact form on the Forum (see hyperlink).

I believe Don has advised that to course purchasers. 

Note that if the videos are (private) YouTube videos, you should be able to turn on "Subtitles/ closed captions" (a button next to the Settings "cog" symbol at the bottom of the video frame). YouTube then automatically generates captions using speech recognition technology (but these are rarely fully accurate, especially on technical subjects).


Hi Sivakr and thank you for purchasing the course! The course does not have subtitles.

If you have any issues or questions please contact me via the Contact Page here on TeachExcel - I will get the message directly there.


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