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Formula result in brackets


Can anyone help with a simple way to show a formula result in brackets



Selected Answer


Assuming the formula result is numeric, you could set a Custom cell format to show negative values within brackets (rather than -42 say). With the cell (or cells) selected, right click, pick Format Cells... then Custom and paste this into the Type: box:

where the bit in bold is how negative number shows, in this case to 2 decimal places (with the thousands separator) and within parentheses.

Note that the cell value remains -42 say so can be used in calculations.

If you want to show only negative percentages within brackets, use this Custom format instead:


Hope this helps.



John, thanks for the answer but the cell is already formatted to be a percentage.  Is there a way to format as you show and percentage as well?
For information, the formula is as simple as =C23/C33
JonP (rep: 35) Jan 11, '22 at 10:21 am
JonP- please see revised Answer
John_Ru (rep: 2867) Jan 11, '22 at 10:58 am
Thanks John
JonP (rep: 35) Jan 11, '22 at 11:14 am
Glad it worked for you JonP. Thanks for selecting my Answer.
John_Ru (rep: 2867) Jan 11, '22 at 11:18 am
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