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How to use a hyperlink in excel to open a specific page in a .pdf document.


I am trying to set up a hyperlink in an excel cell to open a specific page in a .pdf document with bookmarks. I have opened the "edit hyperlink" window and have selected " Existing File or Web page" to link to: button. I have  selected the path to the .pdf document in the Address: window.

When I click on the "Bookmark..." button on the right side of the window, I get a message " Microsoft Excel could not open this file or could not parse a file of this type."

The .pdf document does have bookmarks.

How do I get past this error message?

I have also added the desired page number to the path to look like this, ..\..\AMIT%20Manuals\AMIT%20Neck%20(iPad).pdf#page=17 and added the following code in a new module in the VBA project window. 

Sub linkpdfpage()


Shell ("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe " + ActiveCell.Value)

End Sub

All attemps result in the same thing. I can open the 1st page of the .pdf document, but I cannot get it to open at page #17, or any other page.

I am using Excel 365




Hi Myodoc

This same subject was covered by my previous answer run macro by hyperlink which opens a pdf on a given page using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Hope this works for you.

Seasons Greetings!



Did that work for you? 
John_Ru (rep: 2867) Dec 28, '21 at 5:54 am
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