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In which forum do we place questions about Excel?

When I log in, I see only the Members Discussion forum (same if I go via Exrrtra Resources/Forum menu items).

Where should Excel questions go please?

It might be that I registered for the beta trial (but the site didn't recognise my account and I had to recreate the account for some reason). Please PM me (Don) if that's so. Thanks.


I would assume here where we are.  But I tried and got a message saying "Don't ask questions about Excel here".

Saw this in another Forum feed:

"Our Q&A forum will be live to the publin in a few weeks but people can sign-up for early access now and then use it starting next tuesday.

Here is a link to the blog post that explains everything: 


posted by: don on Tue Jun 21, 2016 at 11:15 pm"

Hey guys, I tried to clear everything up in the Blog post: here

Basically, the Excel forum has MANY more features than this forum and I am running it in test-mode right now and only those users who signed-up for early access/beta testing have access to it.

The other forum is running pretty well BUT there are a few issues that are being worked-through and that's why it's not 100% live for the general public.

I expect that the forum can be ready for everyone to use in a couple weeks but I'm not putting a hard date on that just yet.

Sorry for an inconvenience.


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