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Hello guys,

As the title says I need you help. In the below link:

you will find an archive that contains a "master" workbook called "Status" and multiple 01, 02 Handovers.

In the Status workbook you will find a code for loop through Handover files and collect specific data from them.

What I want is to have an additional Excel workbook named "History" in this folder that contains images with Range(A2:I47) from the Handover files. The "Status" workbook is executed once every 12 hours to collect info from Handovers so in additional Excel workbook "History I would want a sheet for every collect that is named based on the following conditions:

1) If the cell J4 from "Status" contains number 1 the sheet should be named: "TodayDate - Day Shift"

2) If the cell J4 from "Status" contains number 2 the sheet should be named:

"(TodayDate -1) - Night Shift"

For me it would be great if images from every Handover file would be one after the other.

Thank you very much and I hope someone can help as this is my first post on this forum!



Hi Florin and welcome to the Forum.

Sorry but it doesn't normally work when someone just says "Here are some files and I'd like this to happen". Generally we expect you to try to reach your goal and (when you struggle) ask a specific question on how to correct it or do something.

Also it's preferable if you use the Add Files... button in the original question to upload Excel files (only)- personally I don't like visiting sites which I have no knowledge of.
John_Ru (rep: 2147) Oct 13, '21 at 5:26 pm
Hi Florin,
I agree with what John has said.
Why copy as an image? Copy and paste as cells is much easier and results in a smaller file size.
Also, if I understand what you have said what you would like to happen this would create two worksheets per day (one for Day Shift and one for Night Shift). Not that this would be impossible, but it would create a workbook which would soon become a challenge to manage - after a week there would be 14 sheets, after a month 60-62 sheets, after a year 730 sheets, etc.
WillieD24 (rep: 90) Oct 16, '21 at 12:41 pm
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