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How to populate a table in another tab from a cell that isn’t blank in master table


I want to be able to populate a table in a separate tab from a cell that isn't blank in the master table

I manufacture copper goods and have a production schedule but some items go out for subcontract work (plating, brazing etc). When I enter the external subcontractor works order no into the cell I want this to automatically populate in my external sub-contract table I have created on a separate tab

What formulas would I use to do this?

Hope it makes sense



Hi and welcome to the Forum

Please edit your question to:

1) Add a representative Excel file (using the Add files... button, containing at least 10 lines of test data if you don't want to share your full file)

2) Describe what you'd like to see happen (e g. "If I add ABC0146 in cell G4 of sheet Xxxx, I want to see the result...")
John_Ru (rep: 4312) Oct 2, '21 at 4:04 am
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