How to Rotate a Pie Chart



I have created a pie chart, but some of the parts should be replaced and rotated. How it could be done?



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Hi Jayden and welcome to the Forum

There's a chart data series setting called "Angle of first slice" which can rotate the pie chart. Microsoft's guidance on using it is here: Rotate a pie chart

That's illustrated in the attached file as the right-hand chart with title Same Pie Chart with First Slice at 45°. With the same (small) data set, I've editted the data series so that the pie slices go in the reverse sequence. Instead of the standard formula:

I've made it read this (note the extra brackets in bold to separate the labels and number data sides):
Hope this helps.


Jayden- thanks for seelecting my Answer. I just added something else of interest (hopefully) to my Answer.
John_Ru (rep: 1917) Sep 13, '21 at 9:10 am
Thanks a lot!
Jayden Smith (rep: 2) Sep 16, '21 at 4:21 am
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