Logging In and Out

The "My Account" and "Logout" work better when they are positioned closer together.


Thanks for the input. I will try that out but I can't promise anything since other accounts that are not just for the forum on here have lots of links in the top bar that push it over to the right.

Either way, I will play around with and see what can be done.

When clicking on the 'View Discussion' link from a notification email on my smartphone (BlackBerry Z10) there's no provision to login and if you select 'Forum' from the 'Extra Resources' dropdown you just get back where you started with still nowhere to login. 

JonP, yes, thanks for reminding me of that. I removed that loooooong ago and it didn't matter at the time. I will make a note of getting that login bar to show somewhere on mobile and smaller screens.

It should be updated now. I also changed some things to make it a bit more mobile friendly.

Sorry Don but it seems to be mostly me with problems!

I tried it again just now from my Blackberry smartphone but couldn't find anywhere to login. Might it take a little while for your changes to register?

It could. Try to clear your cache if you can and try again.

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