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How do I make a logical precedence example for the "If" function excel's into consideration when evaluating multiple if-then statements? How do you simulate a formula as an if-then statement in Excel? Plz recommend me some resource for Excel If function in detail. I've got a lot good info from this resource but want to read more.



Multiple IF statements can often be replaced with a single INDEX/MATCH function. Therefore I suggest you forget about learning everything about IF statements. You will have more fun learning Excel if you stipulate a problem and find the best solution for it. 
Variatus (rep: 4864) Jul 29, '21 at 10:31 pm
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Your link shows that the IF function is <<test>> , << value if true>>, << value if false>> which is akin to << If decision/test>> , <<  Then (value if true)>>, << Else (value if false)>>.

Suggest you try Don's tutorial 15 IF Statement Examples in Excel or search for others on the Excel Tutorials page of this site.


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