Warning Msg When saving Excel file


When saving file I get the following warning:

"Be careful! Parts of your document may include personal information that can't be removed by the Document Inspector.

How can I remove this and what is in my file that is causing this problem?



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If you don't normally get that but you've downlaoded/modfoed a file downloaded for the internet say, go File on the ribbon, then Options/Trust Center/Trust Center Settings/ Privacy Options  then un-check the check the box that "Remove personal information from file properties on save".

If Document Inspector has been run on a document previoiusly, you may need to go File/Info then under Inspect Workbook, click "Allow this information to be saved with the file".

Hope this works for you.



Thank you! 
Martin100 (rep: 6) Jul 26, '21 at 9:53 am
No problem Martin.  Thanks for marking my Answer as Selected
John_Ru (rep: 1917) Jul 26, '21 at 10:35 am
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