mod code show message box to show details of inventory



I  have  this  code    it  works  when   open file  based on  sheets STOCK & ENTRY    

I  would  when  show   the message   show  just   based on  date  today      ,  the code   shows  all  data based on sheet entry and   it  repeat the  values which are  existed  stock , what  I  want  show  based on    date  (today)  in my PC

 it  should only  show  the  data  in 05/05/2021   and  I  want  add  another  column   it  summing  the  values  to show  the  previous stock   

I put some  comments  inside  the  file  may be  help 



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Hi Maklil,

That's an interesting way of using the MATCH() function. Very efficient.

Here is the code that excludes all data except those of May 5.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
    ' 234

    Dim MyDate      As Date
    Dim Msg         As String
    Dim Stock       As Long
    Dim Ws          As Worksheet
    Dim x           As Variant                  ' MATCH row
    Dim Rl          As Long                     ' last used row
    Dim R           As Long                     ' loop counter: rows

    MyDate = Date - 2
    Set Ws = Sheets("stock")
    ' you have to qualify the "Rows.Count": I added "Ws."
    Rl = Ws.Range("b" & Ws.Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
    With Sheets("entry")
        ' you have to qualify the "Rows.Count": I added "."
        For R = 2 To .Range("a" & .Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
            If .Cells(R, "A").Value = MyDate Then
                x = .Evaluate("match(b" & R & "&c" & R & "&d" & R & ",stock!b1:b" & _
                    Rl & "&stock!c1:c" & Rl & "&stock!d1:d" & Rl & ",0)")
                If IsNumeric(x) Then
                    Stock = Val(Ws.Cells(x, "E").Value)
                    Msg = Msg & vbLf & Join(.Evaluate("b" & R & ":e" & R & "&"""""), _
                                vbTab) & vbTab & Stock & vbTab & _
                                Format(Stock + Val(.Cells(R, 5).Value), "( 0 )")
                End If
            End If

        If Len(Msg) Then
            Msg = Join(Array(Join(Array(Join(.[b1:d1&""], vbTab), vbTab & _
                  "Sold" & vbTab & "Bal" & vbTab & "Prev"), ""), Msg), vbLf)
            Msg = "No result to display for today's data."
        End If
        MsgBox Msg, vbInformation, "Data of" & Format(MyDate, " mmmm d, yyyy")
    End With
End Sub

Please look for the line MyDate = Date - 2 at the top of the code. Date specifies today's (the current) date. Since today is May 7, Date -2 specifies the date of May 5. "Date -3" extracts the data from May 4 etc. I used this trick to be able to use the data in your sample worksheet. And I left it there because this modification will be useful for you to know about. When you want the real TODAY()'s date please remove the "- 2".



Hi variatus,
that's  great !   thanks  for  provide  me  the  solution 
best regards,
MAKLIL (rep: 18) May 7, '21 at 6:29 am
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