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I just watched the video that explains sending emails with excel... If I wanted to send (1) email with different attachments and names that continuously change but are all located in one folder how would I do this?



Hello Foss(?) and welcome to the Forum.
Please edit your original question to state which video you mean (kindly use the Add Link button and put the URL between the inverted commas). Also state if you intend to have the name (/path) of your attachment stated in the cells of a worksheet say.
Preferably also add your Excel file using the Add Files..  button in the original question
John_Ru (rep: 1072) Apr 20, '21 at 5:52 am
And also upload what you're working with in regards to code and where you are stuck. People will come here in the future looking for answers and we want them to be able to understand what's up. And are you attaching all files in this directory or just certain ones? 
don (rep: 1969) Apr 20, '21 at 10:16 am
Look into looping. You might use For ... Next or For Each. You can google for these key words and find ready code and explanations. Basically, what these loops do is to repeat a given procedure a number of times, usually with a small change. Such as running your email macro once for each row in your worksheet.
Variatus (rep: 4549) Apr 20, '21 at 7:56 pm
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