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Hello! I have created, with the help I got here and around the web a Time Tracking excel file to keep track of time spent on a particular project or task, the sheet, which you can find attached (please open it so you understand better what I write), is pretty clear and simple, what I'd like to achieve with your help and suggestions is to make this excel time tracking file more advanced which could be useful to many of us.

What I'd like to add is the ability to get a detailed view on productivity, let's suppose we have a task named "Painting", with the current file every session of work we complete we're going to write the time spent in minutes in the "session" column and every session gets added to the "Total minutes" and "Total Hours" columns, how is it possible to add the completed session in another sheet with the date in which said session was completed? Example: 01 April 2021 I complete a 60 minutes session of work for the task "Painting", I'd like to have this session with date and time saved in another sheet, which could be "Painting Task Detailed View", like this: in one column the date 01/04/2021, in another the time spent on that date 60 minutes, and the ability to get a detailed view for any task of the main sheet.

Another improvement would be to get a graph sheet for any task which shows in a horizontal line how long you worked a specific task every day from the start date, also with indicators of time spent for the task per week, month and year.

I don't know how easy or how complex that is to realize but at least I put the idea forward! :)




This is a Q & A forum. It's essential that you should know how easy or complex a task you set for yourself. Once you know that you will also know what to ask and you can start receiving answers.

For now, my answer to your question is "What's your question?"


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