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'=vlookup(MID,[U.3 7.6!:M.2 3840!], 1, FALSE)...MID is a column of strings. I input the desired string and then I need the proper sheet to be displayed. That I may update the info. in that sheet! The string in the [] are the sheets I need to search.

===================================================================This my not so bright attempt to find an item on 1 of 25 tabs, go to said tab and update the date on that tab!

Help Please, KMW



You will need a macro to do this, is that what you're looking for? Otherwise, I'd suggest using Find/Replace and searching the entire workbook if you want a quick and simple way to do it.
don (rep: 1969) Mar 19, '21 at 5:09 pm
I've been using the "find", but now, the group requesting reprocess of machines! Wants my group to process hundreds of units per month. Tracking has been time consuming and gaps in our data are occuring.
Can you tell me more about that 'macro'?

kevomac12 Mar 23, '21 at 4:46 pm
C'mon Kevin,
How might we help you with only "=vlookup(MID,[U.3 7.6!:M.2 3840!], 1, FALSE)" as a guide? Do you think having a workbook to look at might prove more productive? You can attach a workbook to your question in Edit mode.
Variatus (rep: 4544) Mar 23, '21 at 9:47 pm
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Try using Excel's Find function.

  1. Click Find & Select on the Ribbon's Home tab.
  2. Select Find
  3. Enter your search string in the Find What field.
  4. Open the Options dialog box
  5. Select Workbook in the Within field
  6. Select Values in the Look in field
  7. Uncheck "Match entire cell contents" if your Find What is a partial.
  8. Better uncheck Match case.
  9. Click Find all.

If there is only one occurrence in the workbook the sheet will be activated as you desire. If there are several occurrances the dialog box will display a list of where they are.


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