VBA Excel Office 365 - how to make a modeless forms show and work in every workbook


It worked in in previos versions, in Excel 2000, but now, if I a switch in a new workbook, the modeless form dissapear (become inactive) and is not working anymore in any opened workbook.
Is there any solution to fix this?




Hi Jorj and welcome to the Forum

I don't have Office365 but in Excel 2016, you just view the Properties of the UserForm and set the ShowModal property to False.

Revision 1: Also, did you try this instruction (changing the name of the form in bold below)?

UserForm1.Show (VBA.FormShowConstants.vbModal)

Please let me know if Excel365 is the same.



Hello John and thank you. No, it's not working, because I want it to run modeless, in any opened workbook, and to work in any active cell or selection. This problem appear since Office become a multidocument aplication instead a multiwindow (I guess) aplication.
Jorj Feb 23, '21 at 10:21 am
Thanks Jorj, sorry but I can't help you this time. 
John_Ru (rep: 792) Feb 23, '21 at 11:35 am
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