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My question is about Excel - Part 5 - Save Data from the Form. It works fine but I want to export the data to an excell table and oddly the copy is done at the end of the table and not in the table .. what to do?



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You must have made your Table incorrectly because I just downloaded the file for Part 5 and went to the Data tab and clicked in the sample data and hit Ctrl + T and then Enter to turn it into a table and then filled-out the form on the Form tab and clicked Submit and it worked just fine.

Maybe you used a Totals Row and that caused the issue becuase the new data was then put below that row?



thanks for your answer 
can you be more explicit about your hypothesis that i use a TOTALS ROW , honnestly i dont know what iti is  
when  i create the Table i just let Excel do it 
robertpellan (rep: 4) Nov 7, '20 at 6:03 pm
The Totals Row is an option for a table, you have to add it. Follow the steps that I mention in my answer and tell me how that works for you.
don (rep: 1969) Nov 7, '20 at 6:53 pm
thnaks you it work very well now
robertpellan (rep: 4) Nov 8, '20 at 12:35 pm
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