how to download your workbook


I ref to your video: Automatically Timestamp Data Entries in Excel.

At 3:56, it says download the workbook to get the code.

As I am very new to Excel, may I know how to download your workbook please.

with best regards



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In the description to the video on Youtube, the very first link says "Excel File" and the intro to the video literally shows you how to find the link and where to find the file on the page once you click the link...

If you only saw the video on this site, then the intro to the video will still show you where the link to download the file is once you get onto TeachExcel, which is the upper right corner of the right column.



Hi don, Thank you very much for your prompt and clear reply. Very much appreciated.
Victor (rep: 4) Nov 1, '20 at 6:19 pm
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