Automatically Timestamp Entries in Excel in Multiple Sheets in same workbook


I viewed your video on how to do this and I used the code and created a macro and it works great on my worksheet. However i want the same to work on the multiple sheet in the same workbook. Please advice on this. For example i have 10 sheets(might add more) in a workbook in each sheet i have 10 colums and 11 and 12 is date entered and date do iĀ have date enteredĀ  and Date modified in column 11 and 12 in all the sheets.




You need to add the same procedure behind every sheet on which you want a time stamp.

The code you have probably doesn't specify the sheet on which the stamp is to be visible. That means that it will be on the ActiveSheet which is the sheet behind which the code resides. You can specify another sheet for that, and you can specify the same sheet for all your event procedures. However, wahtever you do, you will need a separate event procedure to respond to the Change event on each of your worksheets.

For more help add your code to your question.



Please do let me know how to do that
MK25 Oct 17, '20 at 7:43 pm
Find the Edit button under your question. It's available only to you. Under the Edit screen there is a button "Add files to your post" (or words to that effect). You may have to scroll down a little to bring it into view. Click that button and follow the instructions.
Variatus (rep: 4148) Oct 17, '20 at 8:39 pm
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