I want to link a master workbook to two other workbooks. 

I think I figured out how to link to update the data. 

However I need to be able to add or delete lines.  Also is it possible to link colors (eg., if I add a color to a cell in the master workbook, will it update in the other workbook)?

Thank you in advance




What you are talking about isn't linking. It's sharing, and it means that several people have access to the same workbook.

From this base you can branch into several possiblities. One is that you want to restrict access of some parts of the workbook to some others while others are open to all. You can solve that problem by hiding some parts or use password protection. But bear in mind that such measures are intended to protect against accidental access and will not keep out determined hackers.

Microsoft has done a lot of work on File Sharing, on the server, on the Net and on the cloud. However, the subject is really rather remote from "Teach Excel".



Thank you, but file sharing is not what I want.  I am not "sharing" files between people.  

I have a master file with over 100,000 rows.  Each row has a date associated with it.  It is becoming too large to manage.  I would like to link the master to two or three smaller files.  I figured out how to link the data, but not how to add or delete rows.

The example I have used before is like a master phone list for the state of Oregon.  It is linked to phone lists for every city and town within the state.  When I update the master (add/delete/change), I want it to update the lists for the cities and towns.

Thank you again!
Historyguy40 Oct 13, '20 at 1:18 pm
Your example of the Oregon phone book employs synching, not linking, either. In synching you have several independent copies which a program synchronizes. Cloud computing employs synching because there always is a local copy and another one on the cloud. You can imagine what the software must do. But by your description that is what you may need unless you can redesign the system.
Indeed, I raise an eyebrow at the thought of several people making changes my database of 100K rows.I would want them to write their changes to a buffer from where I can post them to the master after review. That would imply distributed partial copies: At the click of a button they download the latest version of their respective part. Any change they make is recorded in a separate file, in addition to their copy of the partial workbook, which is uploaded. The uploads (from several people) are reviewed semi-automatically and posted by button click.
The person who made the change already has it in his copy. The master will only get it after approval. Meanwhile, if the person downloads another copy of the master it won't have the change he just made.
Variatus (rep: 4148) Oct 13, '20 at 10:03 pm
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