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I need 1 option . How to do it i don't know. Please help.

I have 2 sheets.

First sheet contains some datas. In Cell A1 S.No, B1 Name, C1 Date of birth, D1 Age, E1 School name. And Assume A2 to E100 contains some datas.

I need all list one by one (rows) that contains age is equal to 5 in Sheet2.

Please don't suggest FILTETR Option.

Please help as soon as possible.

Thanks in AdvancešŸ™




If I understand you correctly, just click in the data, go to the Data tab and click Filter and then click the arrow in the age column of your data and uncheckĀ Select All and check next to the number 5 for the age. Then copy the data that is filtered and paste it onto the other sheet.


Since you are in Excel 2016, and so can't use the FILTER() function, check out the tutorial for Vlookup to Return All Matching Results and then just put that on the other worksheet and reference the sheet with the data.

This formula is not simple, but it should work to do what you need.



Thanks for your response. But i need data in another sheet automatically. And i know Filter Option. So any other optin .... please
brsapril1978 (rep: 8) Sep 16, '20 at 1:23 am
Answer updated! Let me know how it goes :)
don (rep: 1900) Sep 16, '20 at 2:12 am
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