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how can i let excel send me mail with details in specific date


Iam an accountant , and i have an excel sheet for bank garante letters , containing as full details for more than 50 garantes for difrent organisations , each one has specific end dateĀ  ,

my question is , how can i let excel send me by mail the gurentee which need to renew before one week of its end date , and can i add more than one person at mail too..

thanks in advanceĀ 



Do a little research. Look for the code published by Ron de Bruin.
Variatus (rep: 4889) Jun 24, '20 at 8:13 pm
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You can do all of this for sure. I am not going to whip it up from scratch for you here, but I will give you the outline of what you need and some resources.

You will need a macro that runs on a certain date and time, which is not exactly reliable since you will have to have the scheduling program open, which I assume you meant to be Excel. If there is a way to do all of this from Outlook, that might be better if you always have it open.

Once you have the scheduling part down, then all you need to do is to send the email, which is actually very easy to do if you have Excel and Outlook on the same system.

Here are some resources:

Send Emails from Excel - this includes a sample file and video tutorial.

Send Email VBA Macro - this is a sample and easy-to-understand email macro that should get you started sending emails from Excel.


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