Kindly slove the problem


By matching Array of Coulums,Array of Row the result should be name of particular



Kindly reslove the problem
kirankumar Jun 23, '20 at 12:40 pm
Write appropriate formula
kirankumar Jun 23, '20 at 12:42 pm
You should really edit your post and change the title of your question to be descriptive and then add a detailed description to the question itself.
don (rep: 1835) Jun 23, '20 at 1:02 pm
Kirankumar, I think your problem can be solved but in the way you set it up there is no solution.
(1) Your example is missing critical information. Must D2 and D3 be found in the same column? Is the column known before the search starts?
(2) Such information should be contained in the question itself. It's against forum rules to phrase the question in the attachment.
(3) My counter questions should be in the Discussion section but this thread's discussion section is already cluttered up by argument about formality.
The only way to get this question up and running is for you to modify it. There is an Edit button which no one can use but you. Then we all delete our useless contributions to this fruitless "Discussion". And, finally, when we have a clean question we can start work on finding a solution for your problem.
Variatus (rep: 3908) Jun 23, '20 at 8:15 pm
1) Column to be match from Array C2:I2
2) Row shoula match fromC3:I8
kirankumar Jun 23, '20 at 11:04 pm
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xlookup hahaha


Dear All,

we can use index + match formula for this problem as following



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