Value In Cell Should Not be Changed



Is there any where formula wherein if, if condition is not met, the value in a particular cell should not be changed.




Hello, durai

You should use "data validation". Select the cell you want to constraint the values and then go to Data>Data Validation in the dialog box chosse customize (I think that is the word in English) then you have to enter a formula which is going to limit the value of the cell.

I hope this help, or you can attach the file with more detail of the restriction over the cell value in order to help better.

As an example I attached a file. In yellow cell, I only can enter numbers that I find it in column E. Try it. 




Thanks for your prompt answer.
I am attaching a file for your reference.
After going through the file you can under my queries properly please.
How to attach a file please, I don't know.
durai May 21, '20 at 2:10 am
At the bottom of the page where you ask the question there is button "Add Item to the Post", then you have to select a file from your computer.
Thats all.
Basilio (rep: 65) May 21, '20 at 2:14 am
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