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Total newbie formula question


I've had to make a spreadsheet for work. Part of it looks like this:

Panel Size  Price/ea Weight/ea Total ft2 Price/ft2

3x8           $ 168.00         70           24         $ 7.00

3x9           $ 189.00         78           27          $ 7.00

3x10          $ 201.00         87          30          $ 6.70

I figured out the price/ft2 on a calculator. How would I figure it in a formula? I tried SUM=C2/E2 (the first row), but that didn't work. QUOTIENT doesn't seem to work either. I also need to average the price/ft2 for all the rows in a separate cell. I'm just learning this program for work, so please keep the answer as simple as possible.

Thank you!




The four basic algebraic functions, add, subtract, multiply and divide are all written as you speak.

[add] = A1 + A2 
[subtract] = A1 - A2
[multiply] = A1 * A2
[divide] = A1 / A2

So assuming that your example is in a range A2:E4, you can work out the price per sqft.

as = 168 / 24 
or = A2 / D2

It could also be = 168 / (3 * 8) which can't be transscribed using cell references because you have the size in a single cell. Consider using two columns for Width and Lenth to enable more calculations.

I created a simple spreadsheet attached to this post that should do what you are asking. I did split your panel size into 2 columns ... one for panel width (Col. A) and one for panel length (Col. B). The formula in Column E is: =sum(A2*B2) and will give you the square footage of the panel. The formula in Column F to figure the price per square foot is: =SUM(C2/E2). In cell G2 the formula: =AVERAGE(F:F) will give you the average price per square foot.

Hope this is what you are looking for.


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