VBA Copy & Paste using Row Identifier


Just learning VBA; not familiar with msdn instructions for coding errors. Don't know when to apply Dim and Set functions within code to identify objects properly

1a Cannot get Copy & Paste to work because code finds problems in opening statements. I cannot properly write code using a variable "row number identifier" along with a column ID, because the row identifier comes from the "Start" worksheet at 'Start'!C1, while the data being selected is on the "Data" Worksheet at any Row identified in Start!C1 and in "Data" "G" Column.

1b The Paste operation must place the data on the "Start" Sheet at column "N6"

Not sure what you mean in the directions item #4 "CODE tags". So made the question explicit. No need for sample file.

2a Must "Split" Hyperlinked URL's at delimiter"; " (a semicolon with a space) BUT Must start a new line, so I need a CarriageReturn & LineFeed CrLf. I DO NOT want the split to generate columns, as is commonly explained. I NEED a new Row for each URL.

3a I NEED a course on VBA. But after experiencing others teaching how to do a task, I find I might be able to do THAT task, but CANNOT identify how to perform the next logical step. Your teaching technique explains the What and Why of how to perform the tasks. Therefore, it would work better for me. I used to teach and my last job was managing 20+ programmers, but never learned to code. Now retired and in the Philippines, I must learn to code. Please advise your courses? And price.




In response to my first question: I have found the code required within these pages and implemented them successfully to Copy & Paste. Unlike other "teachers" this site is REAL and the code works! Further, the descriptions of what is being done make sense.

I STILL NEED help to concatinate the Column leter and Row Number in each piece of code I have written. I would appreciate a response to that question. NOTICE: I have manually placed the Column and Row Number in the vrious macros I have written to test the solutions. I will replace this with the correct format when I learn how to do it.

See Code for ONE Macro:

Sub CopyNotes()

Sheets("Data").Range("G268").Copy Sheets("Start").Range("L6")

    With Selection.Interior

        .Pattern = xlNone

        .TintAndShade = 0

        .PatternTintAndShade = 0

    End With

End Sub

The above copies the Data on the Data heet to the "Notes" section for display to the user after a selection of which video they would like to see.. A Button allows the user to switch to that section and see these Notes about the Video.

Similar Code was written to display the Support Documents that reinforce the video. Buttons were placed on ALL screen sections to allow for moving to see the Notes, Support Documents and back to Home positions, as well as to view the video.

I STILL require help to write Code that allows me to Split the URL's separated by the delimiters "; " (semicolon with a space after) and bring the next URL to the next line. Like what would be done in a CrLf operation. For as many URL's as are found in that Field.  


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