copy and paste


all files are located same place

vba is placed in a sepearte file c.xlsx

copy all the data from column A TO COLUMN H complete data  from a.xlsx and paste it to b.xlsx in same columns

save and close the b.xlsx and a.xlsx  

i need to do the same by vba



C'mon, give it a try at least - this is a free forum to help you, not build you things from scratch. Give it a go and paste your efforts back here. There are many simple macros, even here on teachexcel that copy/paste and macros to open other workbooks and copy data from them into another one, just do a search for it.
don (rep: 1979) Feb 28, '20 at 6:50 am
I SEarched but i was unable to find it and i am a beginner so i dont know sir plz help
style36 (rep: 24) Feb 28, '20 at 7:06 am
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